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Way 2 Go! Focuses on Transportation Alternatives for Schools

This year’s Way To Go! Program will be focused on getting K–12 schools on board to battle carbon pollution head-on. Schools will get the tools needed to motivate students, staff, and teachers to bike, walk, carpool or ride the bus. Using transportation options, other than driving solo, will help Vermont reach its goal of reducing 1 million pounds of carbon pollution in the state. That means less gasoline burned (and bought) and cleaner air for everyone.

All K-12 schools in Vermont are eligible to participate, help the environment, improve health, and help schools save money. Once a school is signed up, they will appoint a School Captain. This person helps get students, staff, and faculty onboard for a two-week quest to get to school using transportation methods that produce less carbon. Way 2 Go’s dedicated team will help every step of the way—from initial sign up all the way to tallying up results.

Any school with a participation rate over 50% will be entered to win a fully-permitted AllEarth Solar Tracker! The program will run from September 25 through October 6, 2017.

Click here to sign up your school.