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BCRC and the Town of Bennington Produce a Trail Map

Some of Bennington’s best places to walk and hike are secrets known only to knowledgeable locals. Residents and out of town guests may discover the trails at Mile-Round Woods or the trail to White Rocks through a chance encounter, but information about these assets was either non-existent or scattered piecemeal on various maps and websites – until now. The BCRC and the Town of Bennington created “The Bennington Trail Map” to provide an overview of all the paths, hiking trails, and mountain biking trails open to the public in Bennington. Property owner outreach was a significant part of the effort. Town staff and representatives contacted property owners and institutions to ask permission to depict trials on their property. The Bennington Area Trail System (BATS) provided data and assistance for the Mt. Anthony trails. The trail map was paid for through a grant from the Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development.